Our oceans are being destroyed by so much human waste, including abandoned fishing nets.......
Our goal at ERTH SWIM is to prioritize the health of our ocean, beaches and overall, our planet.
That is why we have bought to you, the most sustainable and eco-friendly swimsuits on the market, using the highest quality fabrics made from 100% regenerated and regenerable Nylon Econyl yarn, saving our oceans one swimsuit at a time. 
Our fabrics feature, Micro Recycled PA, Italian Luxe Fabric, Elastane, Sand Resistance, Muscle Control, Ultra Chlorine Resistant, Quick Drying, UV Protection UPF 50+, and shape retention. All styles are made ethically for women by women in Bali, Indonesia. 
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. SPF is a standard used to measure effectiveness of Sunscreens, whereas UPF measures effectiveness of Sun Protective Fabrics. SPF provides only UVB protection, UPF provides both UVB and UVA protection. Lastly, an SPF of 15 prolongs your protection 15 times the time it takes to burn, where as a UPF of 50 blocks out 49/50 (98%) of UV rays when worn.